Ceramic 3D Printing KIT

The KIT includes the robust lignt-weight and easy-to-use print head (Auger extruder) and powerful motorized syringe pump for direct volumetric clay feeding. This can be installed in the most of desktop FDM printers fo print with clay or porcelain. Extruder can be assembled and disassembled for cleaning without instruments, just by hands.


Pump has a capacity 500 ml and is strong enough to work with thick slightly diluted clay, yielding stable prints. Compressed air is not required. Printing is silent, precise and reproducible.

Techincal details

Volume of the pump 500 ml (about 900 g of clay)

Printing speed 20 ... 100 mm/s

Reccomended speed 30 ... 60 mm/s (3mm nozzle)

Available nozzle diameters 1 ... 4 mm

Layer thickness 0.3 ... 1.5 mm (3mm nozzle)

Nozzle thread 1/4"

Weight of the printhead 400g

Power 150W