Upgrade to Ceramic 3D Printing KIT PRO

If you already ordered Ceramic 3D Printing KIT Basic/Standard, this upgrade will replace Ram extruder S (0.5l) with a larger one with capacity 1.5L. This extruder is equipped with the strong geared stepper motor Nema23 for precise volumetric dispensing of slightly diluted clay, porcelain, highly viscous liquids and pastes. Estimated working pressure up to 20bar. Easy to assemble, disassemble, clean and maintain. Does not have exposed moving parts. Safe and silent solution. Features:

  • Elevated capacity, 1.5L (about 2.7kg of clay)
  • Internal diameter of clay container 67.8mm, length 480mm (approx.)
  • Geared motor Nema23
  • Dimensions D = 110mm, L = 1270mm
  • Supplied with 50cm long PU pipe, 12x8mm

 Upgrade includes:

  • Ram extruder L, capacity 1.5L of clay
  • Micro Printing Set (if upgraded from Basic KIT)

210,08 €

  • 5,7 kg
  • Available