Equipment for precise 3d printing of clay, porcelain, mortar, viscous liquids

can be customized according to your needs (
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Catalog of our products
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Multimaterial 3D Printer StoneFlower

Complete solution for

3d printer for clay, concrete, suspensions
Clay 3d printer Stone Flower 4.0

Concrete 3D Printer

Fully customizable small-scale solution

Free choice of dimensions, pump capacity, type of the network connection (WiFi, Ethernet)

Laboratory mortar 3d printer
Concrete 3D printer, Stone Flower

Print head for 3d printing of clay and concrete
Print heads for ceramics 6, and 6R
Add-on for extrusion and deposition of clay in desktop 3d printers
KIT for clay 3d printing

Spare parts

Nozzles & Augers

auger screw, clay 3d printer
Auger screw for clay printing head


extruders for clay, electronics, spare parts
Clay extruder, 2.5L



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In press

Rapid liquid concrete
3d printing