Our products are featured on "Metoree"!
Events · 12. May 2023
Our Ceramic 3D Printers, Clay 3D Printer, Concrete 3D Printer are featured on "Metoree". Metoree is a product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers that introduces a wide variety of products. The site provides useful information for engineers to compare and select products and manufacturers. Here is the page about StoneFlower3D on Metoree.
StoneFlower 4.0 3D printer
Products · 26. April 2021
Presentation of clay/paste/concrete 3D printer StoneFlower 4.0

Events · 17. September 2020
StoneFlower 3.1D printer was included by ANIWAA into the review "Ceramic 3D printing 2020: guide and ceramic 3D printer selection", which makes possible systematic comparison of different printer specs and prices. Big thanks to ANIWAA for listing StoneFlower! https://www.aniwaa.com/buyers-guide/3d-printers/ceramic-3d-printer/
3d printed ceramic mesh
Research and Development · 22. March 2020
Samples, #3dprinted with StoneFlower Research 3.0 at the Institute of Glass and Ceramics in Erlangen by PhD candidate Larissa Wahl, and Prof. Nahum Travitzky (group of Additive Processing). These prints, are samples of reaction bonded silicon carbide, printed with StoneFlower 3.0 Research at University of Erlangen-Nürnberg by Larissa Wahl with coauthors, and publised in April in Journal "Ceramics International". 3D printing made possible production of complex structures from this mechanically...

Research and Development · 08. October 2019
Our first experiment in rapid liquid 3d printing of concrete.
Products · 10. May 2019
We are presenting an universal auger screw for 3d printing of clay, porcelain, and cement. Screws are made of wear- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L. They have a polished shaft and rough surface of the thread for better adherence to the material. The screws are available in our store.

Engineering · 05. February 2019
To make new more compact, precise and robust print head , we redesign the StoneFlower print head.
Events · 28. November 2018
In December 2018 Christopher Kelsall together with other artists presents his 3D printed clay sculptures in Valcke Gallery.

Engineering · 01. November 2018
The StoneFlower KIT was designed to be compatible with popular clay 3d printers from metric European subspace. ) Here is one nice hybrid, made by Ricardo Signori: Ceramic 3d Printing KIT PRO + LUTUM. Seems to be a very good fit.
Events · 03. March 2018
Dr. Anatoly Berezkin from StoneFlower (https://stoneflower3d.com) is speaking about new add-on for desktop 3d printers to print viscous liquids and pastes, including clay and porcelain. We acknowledge Richard van Hooijdonk for his kind invitation to join this exciting event.

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