StoneFlower 2.0 Multimaterial 3D Printer

Complete solution: user-friendly, precise and fast. Screw drives on all axes, powerful Nema23 stepper motors with industrial drivers. IGUS bearings for problem-free use in dusty and humid conditions, do not require service and lubrication. Rigid metal frame provides stable printing at high speeds (no vibrations).

StoneFlower Ceramic 3D Printer

4.299,00 €

  • 35 kg
  • Available
  • Ships in 4 weeks1


Amount of dispensed material is precisely controlled by the ram extruder, and does not depends on viscosity and other factors. Auger extruder in the print head removes air-bubbles, if there are some in manually prepared material. Lightweight print head allows high printing speeds with no vibrations. Cartesian construction of the printer let us to minimize the length of the pipe between print head and ram extruder and use materials of very high viscosity, such as natural clay or porcelain.


Our Paste Deposition Modeling (PDM) technology lets printing at much higher rate, as compared to desktop FDM printers, which use thermoplastics. One can easily control the process choosing the nozzle diameter in the range from 0.5 to 3 mm. The layer thickness may vary from tiny 0.3 mm for precise printing up to 3 mm for maximal performance.



No any special proprietary materials are required. To print ceramics one can use normal wet clay or porcellain after admixing of  5-10%  wt. of water or ethanol (to improve mechanical stability of large models).  Printed parts can be processed in a standard way.


One can also use other pastes or highly viscous liquids compatible with the material of the ram extruder (PVC), or with disposable syringes of Micro Printing Set.


Note: Our equipment is not food grade.




  • Printing speed 30...100 mm/s
  • Build volume 50 x 50 x 50cm (can be customized by the request)
  • Nozzle diameter  0.5...3mm
  • Print head
  • Ram extruder L, 1.5l capacity
  • Micro Printing Set
  • Colorful touchscreen
  • Auto bed leveling
  • Compatible with all slicing software
  • 32-bit electronics for fast and easy printing
  • WiFi
  • Printer dimensions: 84 x 88 x 84cm
  • Weight 35kg