StoneFlower 2.0 Multimaterial 3D Printer

Complete solution: user-friendly, precise and fast. Screw drives on all axes, powerfull Nema23 stepper motors, industrial stepper drivers. IGUS bearings for problem-free use in dusty and humid conditions, do not require service and lubrication. Rigid metal frame provide stable printing at high speed (no vibrations).

  • Printing speed 30...100 mm/s
  • Build volume 50 x 50 x 50cm (can be customized by the request)
  • Nozzle diameter  0.5...3mm
  • Print head
  • Ram extruder L, 1.5l capacity
  • Micro Printing Set
  • Colorful touchscreen
  • Auto bed leveling
  • Compatible with all slicing software
  • 32-bit electronics for fast and easy printing
  • WiFi
  • Printer dimensions: 84 x 88 x 84cm
  • Weight 25kg 

4.100,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships in May1

3D Printer StoneFlower


Integration of the most innovative, efficient and aesthetic solutions to build a CNC platform for creative coinvention of new technologies of 3D printing.



We tend to be open-minded, combining ideas among DIY community, best 3D printer designs, and skilled engineering thinking to create open designs, which are easy to use, upgrade and modify. 



Functional, simple.

“StoneFlower” is a 3D printer using Paste Deposition Modeling (PDM) technology. Simply speaking, it builds the objects from materials, which flow under pressure and do not after deposition. It can be porcelain, clay, wax, plaster, soldering paste, paints, curable polymer resins or even food. Now we mainly experiment with ceramics.


Why ceramics?

Ceramics is durable, food safe, heat resistant, mechanically strong, cheap, recyclable and sustainable material that is suitable for both a prototyping and a small serial production in handicraft, art, design, and architecture.



PDM technique lets printing at much higher rate, as compared to desktop FDM printers, which use thermoplastics. One can easily control the process choosing the nozzle diameter in the range from 0.5 to 3 mm. The layer thickness may vary from tiny 0.3 mm for precise printing up to 3 mm for maximal performance.



·      Printing speed 30...100 mm/s

·      Build volume 50 x 50 x 50 cm (in vertical direction can be extended up to 1 m)

·      Nozzle diameter from 0.5 to 3 mm

·      Colorful touchscreen

·      Auto bed leveling

·      Compatible with all slicing software

·      32-bit electronics for fast and easy printing

·      WiFi

·      Printer dimensions: 84x88x84 cm

·      Weight 25 kg


Available since May 2018.



For those, who wish to try ceramic 3D printing at home, we designed an affordable full-functional “SF Clay 3D Printing KIT” that can be installed in many desktop FDM printers.