Print head 4.0

Print head forclay, highly viscous pastes and suspensions. Powered by Nema17 stepper motor, to be used in desktop 3d printers and custom-built clay printers. Combines durability and precision of CNC-milled all-metal construction with simple-to-use and attractive design. The stator and screw can be easily dismounted/installed in less than a minute. Inlet can be oriented in four different ways to fit your equipment. 

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  • perfect flow control (start/stop without delays), thanks to specially designed two-flute auger screw
  • sealed leak-free construction
  • durable auger screw from polished stainless steel 304, stator from AL6061-T6 alloy
  • Durable and strong 4mm thick metallic mount. Stator with seven threaded M5 channels, and standard 1/2 and 1/4 inch holes with NPT thread for inlet and outlet respecively.



  • Dimensions WxDxH = 42x72x124mm (without nozzle)
  • Screw length 62mm, diameter 8mm
  • Inlet: push-in connector for 16mm pipe (external diameter)
  • Outlet: 1/4 NPT threaded hole for up to D=8mm ouput flow
  • Comes with metallic nozzles: 2.5mm, 4mm, 7mm, nozzle adapter for standard luer tips, 6 different PE luer tips (0.2mm ... 1.55mm)
  • Stepper motor Nema17, 2.5A/phase, 40Ncm, 2-phase, 1.8deg.


This is a spare part! While the print head can be directly connected to the motherboard of a 3D printer, we recommend to use this as a part of 3D Printing KIT and connect to the printer via Control Unit. When used without control unit, this may need to change settings of your stepper motor driver. In case of questions please contact us.

Dimensions of the print head
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Nozzle set (print head 4.0)

Conical Luer nozzles (PE) of 6 different diameters:

Dark Green - 14 Gauge - 1.55mm

Black - 16 Gauge - 1.19mm

Jade Green - 18 Gauge - 0.84mm

Light pink - 20 Gauge - 0.6mm

Royal blue - 22 Gauge - 0.41mm

Red - 25 Gauge - 0.26mm

- Luer adapter (D about 2mm)

- Bronze nozzles with diameters 2.5, 4 and 7mm.

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Spare auger screw

Auger screw, specially designed and optimized for clay extrusion. Includes brass bearing and seal ring. Compatible with StoneFlower print head 3.0. Wear- and corrosion-resistant polished stainless steel 304.

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