Concrete 3D printer


Small-scale 3d printing of mortar, suspensions and clay.


Custom build volume

Width: from 50cm to 150cm

Depth: from 50cm to 300cm

Height: from 50cm to 120cm

Rigid aluminium frame from Bosh profiles 60x60mm, with reinforced corners


  • Includes router, mixing print head for motar (see below), 5L big ram extruder
  • Input voltage 230V AC, 600W
  • Operating voltage 24V/48V DC
  • X,Y axis: Nema 34, Z axis: Nema24
  • Industrial belt drives from CCM
  • Electronics Duet WiFi/Ethernet
  • Colorfull 7 inch display, touch screen
  • Motion speed
    Width, Depth: up to 200mm/s; Height: up to 15mm/s
  • Compatible pumps: progressive cavity mortar pump, ram extruder (syringe pump, up to 5L), compressed air feed system
Print head for mortar
Print head for mortar

Mixing print head


  • Stainless steel 304
  • Auger screw diameter 40mm
  • Main inlet ID = 48mm, tri-clamp connector
  • Second inlet (for accelerator, optional), M8 threaded connector 
  • length 400mm
  • brushless DC motor Nema 23
  • PWM control

Price estimate

Please choose required dimensions of the printing volume below:




Estimated Netto price: EUR

Disclaimer: The estimation above provides the minimal netto price of the router + print head + 5L ram. Taxes, potential custom fees, shipping costs and installation costs, are not included, since they depend on your location. Costs of additional customization, mortar pump, spare parts, are not included.

Compatible pumps

Progressive cavity pumps, 50L

  • Variable speed, PWM control
  • Power 220V AC, 1700W
  • Maximum flow rate 10L/min
  • Maximum pressure 20bar
  • Maximum pumping distance 15m
  • Maximum pumping heght 10m
  • Maximum grain size 4mm
  • Capacity 50L

Ram extruders

  • Capacity 2.5 to 5L
  • automated speed control.
  • Flow rate up to 2l/min

More detail

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