Our products are featured on "Metoree"!
Events · 12. May 2023
Our Ceramic 3D Printers, Clay 3D Printer, Concrete 3D Printer are featured on "Metoree". Metoree is a product and manufacturer information comparison site for researchers and engineers that introduces a wide variety of products. The site provides useful information for engineers to compare and select products and manufacturers. Here is the page about StoneFlower3D on Metoree.
Events · 17. September 2020
StoneFlower 3.1D printer was included by ANIWAA into the review "Ceramic 3D printing 2020: guide and ceramic 3D printer selection", which makes possible systematic comparison of different printer specs and prices. Big thanks to ANIWAA for listing StoneFlower!

Events · 28. November 2018
In December 2018 Christopher Kelsall together with other artists presents his 3D printed clay sculptures in Valcke Gallery.
Events · 03. March 2018
Dr. Anatoly Berezkin from StoneFlower ( is speaking about new add-on for desktop 3d printers to print viscous liquids and pastes, including clay and porcelain. We acknowledge Richard van Hooijdonk for his kind invitation to join this exciting event.

Events · 29. January 2018
Read new peper about Ceramic 3D Printing KIT on
Events · 16. January 2018
With help of all our backers we have sucessfully reached the goal in less than 12 hours! Congratulations!

Events · 17. December 2017
Our first press release at a the worlds first site with news about 3D Clay Printing, launched by Yao Vorm Vry. Enjoy reading and subscribe to be informed about forthcoming Kickstarter
Events · 11. October 2017
On 11 and 12 October there was the 1st Munich Technology Xonference on Additive Manufacturing, organized by Oerlikon at TU Munich. A number of interesting and motivating discussions, and new contacts as well.

Events · 10. September 2017
First presentation of StoneFlower Ceramic 3d Printer