SF Print Head / User Manual / 05.05.2018

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SF Ceramic 3D Printing KIT / User Manual /12.08.2019

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Slicer settings (eq. 1, 2 or 2.1 in the Manual)
for Ceramic 3D printing KIT

Control Unit
Ram extruder
Diameter of the plunger, D [mm]
Pitch of the lead screw, p [mm]
Reduction ratio of the gearbox, r
Diameter of the filament (virtual), df [mm]
Number of microsteps set for extruder in 3d printer, n [mm]

Number of steps per mm of filament, Ne

Extrusion length for a single turn of the ram motor [mm]

Firmware of the Control Unit
Compatible with Arduino Nano V3.0 board and TMC2130 drivers. Can be used to reset range of feed rates and microstepping of the stepper drivers.
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