Engineering · 05. February 2019
To make new more compact, precise and robust print head , we redesign the StoneFlower print head.
Engineering · 01. November 2018
The StoneFlower KIT was designed to be compatible with popular clay 3d printers from metric European subspace. ) Here is one nice hybrid, made by Ricardo Signori: Ceramic 3d Printing KIT PRO + LUTUM. Seems to be a very good fit.

Engineering · 21. January 2018
Painting with the Ceramic 3D Printing KIT and Micro Printing Set
Engineering · 20. November 2017
Due to high interest among DIY-ers in extruders for clay i posted a simple but robust and durable desigh, based on easily available standard components. Assembly requires minimal toolset. Please find more details at

Engineering · 05. October 2017
I built a prototype of the clay syringe pump some time ago, and yesterday was printing with this. Volumetric feeding is something excellent. Stable and accurate with no worries about safety and extrusion speed. But requires some initial test printing (2-10 g of clay) to reach "working pressure" in the pump. Here is the setup. More images and discussion see here: